Social Media for Business vs. Personal Use

Social media is evolving rapidly, not only the technology but also the purpose. We started by logging in for updates on friends and family. Today, we rely on social to make decisions on everything from which organic cereal is best to which company we should work with next. The line between our personal and professional lives is blurring, and in some cases, has completely disappeared.

But the distinction between personal and professional is especially important for individuals managing their organization’s social media accounts. It’s easy to think we can apply the same rules for our personal accounts to our business accounts.

It’s all the same social media, right?


As The Godfather says, “It’s not personal. It’s strictly business.”

Here are a few tips for establishing a clear line between business and personal social media accounts:

Business Personal
Planned Spontaneous
Post Limited, Quality Content.
Don’t spam your audience.
Post as much as you like,
(or as much as your friends can stand).
Be Positive and Non-Confrontational.
No political, religious, or negative comments.
Speak Freely.
Share your beliefs and feelings openly. However, remember your personal posts can reflect back on your business. Have a disclaimer that all thoughts are your own.
Use Correct Grammar.
This includes correct spelling and punctuation. No slang.
Be Casual.
Have fun with abbreviations and acronyms.
Apply Consistent Branding.
Follow your business style guide for colors, fonts, photos, etc. Remember your logo.
Be Eclectic.
Post what you like, even if that changes day to day, or hour to hour.

Your business content must always be relevant to your audience and your business goals. You don’t want to shift the focus away from your brand and your message by sharing funny or even inspirational content that is inconsequential to your audience and business goals.

Entertain your friends with viral videos and funny memes on your personal account. Keep your business account professional and focused.

Remember, “It’s not personal. It’s business.