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Branding, and Marketing the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

In 2009 the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) engaged MarCom Group to develop and implement a branding and marketing campaign to promote the unique identity of NRC, ensure visibility of its mission-critical and hard-to-fill employment opportunities, and attract qualified, diverse applicants for all levels and types of jobs. To date, the project has encompassed 26 tasks.

Through a kickoff meeting and discussions with NRC management and HR officials in late 2009 and a "learning phase" in January and February 2010, MarCom Group's Federal HR subject matter experts (SMEs) performed comprehensive front-end requirements analysis to determine the optimal solution to accomplish the project objective.

The learning phase familiarized the SMEs with the specifics of NRC's recruitment goals, mission-critical occupations, and previous NRC recruitment and marketing activities. It also revealed the obstacles that challenge NRC in recruiting the highly qualified and diverse workforce that the NRC mission requires-especially in the STEM occupations (scientists, technicians, engineers, and mathematicians).

Based on the market research and analysis conducted in the learning phase, we created (and NRC approved) strategic recommendations and a plan for a custom-designed branding and marketing campaign. Our services include:

The MarCom Group solution is responsive to NRC's changing needs, is an innovative approach for NRC, and ensures requirements traceability and effective control of the solution-development effort.

We meet with the client on at least a monthly basis to assess the results of the campaign as measured by numbers of visits to various pages of the Career Web site, numbers of applications in the various target categories that NRC has received, numbers of hires in each category, and satisfaction expressed by potential applicants and NRC management.

Our ongoing support to the NRC Office of Human Resources includes weekly postings of position vacancies on targeted online job boards, updates of information in print and online advertising whenever requested by NRC, and monthly meetings with members of the NRC Outreach and Recruitment team to assess the progress and results of the recruitment advertising and marketing campaign.

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