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Automated Applicant Tracking System for Air Force Civilian Recruitment

In 2011 the Air Force Personnel Center (AFPC) asked MarCom Group to develop an automated system for tracking and keeping in touch with applicants for Air Force Civilian Service (AFCS) positions. After researching the available COTS systems, we determined that none could provide the prompt response and link to Federal data systems that the AFPC needed in order to evaluate processes and determine ROI for its recruitment efforts.

To plan the project, our Federal HR subject matter experts led a working group comprised of AFCS clients, our experienced programmers, and our award-winning user interface designers. We then created an ATS prototype that addressed two key occupational areas–medical and law enforcement. The prototype received very positive approval from AFCS management and recruiters, and so we are now proceeding with final implementation (fall 2012) to address additional occupational areas specified by AFPC.

The ATS process that MarCom Group designed gives AFCS recruiters and hiring managers a readily available, automated system that can: (1) identify interested, potential applicants that AFCS has "recruited" through hiring events, advertisements, social media, and other recruitment sources; (2) communicate with these potential applicants to maintain their interest in AFCS employment and notify them of current or upcoming employment opportunities; and (3) track their progress as they move through the application and hiring process.

Job seekers opt-in to the ATS by simply entering their email address, preferred locations for work, and preferred occupational area or job specializations.

The automation features enable AFCS to cut costs related to travel, event attendance fees, labor, and annual data mining fees. Essentially, the system builds and continually improves the AFCS' own databases of candidates for AFCS occupational areas. Because the system simply utilizes ongoing marketing and advertising, AFCS is saving dollars and resources to identify, track, and communicate with candidates.

The ATS also enables AFPC to accurately track the cost per hire. The ATS interfaces with data from USAStaffing, so that AFPC personnel can run reports showing which applicants from which sources were found qualified, which were referred to hiring managers, and which were eventually hired. For example, the system can connect the number of qualified applicants from each recruitment source (ad, job fair, or other) with the cost of that source, and produce a report that provides the actual cost of hire for each qualified applicant.

Thanks to this ATS, the Air Force will be able to analyze recruitment results relative to costs, coordinate recruitment and hiring efforts, and more effectively manage, track, and direct the overall hiring process.

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